140g 16 Kinds of Handmade Blooming Flower Tea China Ball blooming flower herbal tea Artistic the tea for health care products

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Different kinds Chinese Blooming Flower Green Tea Ball,100% Handmade,Artistic Blossom Flower Tea

PRICE: The price is only for 16pcs blooming tea, Not including the Glass Teapot. PLEASE NOTED !!!

Quantity: different Kinds tea ball,(each kind 1pcs).


Production date: This year harvest season


Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine and Gomphrena globosa etc Natural flowers,no additives Very beautiful


Health Benefits: Reduce Weight; Improve immune Function; Reduce blood sugar


Storage time: 18 month




Storage:stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine,The best refrigerate.

Blooming Tea balls are handmade from top quality green tea with a flower inside.


Submerged in hot water the bloom opens. The aromas of both flowers and tea leaves are very well preserved and these exceptional teas develop a wonderful flavor and create at the same time a beautiful “table decoration”.

Every ball, an independent packaging, above has the flower name, every processing is a very beautiful works, to bring you a kind of enjoyment.


Artistic tea, also call it Blooming tea or Flowering tea. When drop hot water into a glass. A dulcet flower Bloom from tea bud, the flowers add fragrance to this delectably green tea.


The Blooming Teas are 100% nature and handmade, creating by master in Fujian province, China.

Brewing method:
1. Put one tea ball in a glass or teapot
2. Pour a little boiled water on it.
3. Pour the little water out of the glass or pot, and fill it with, the rest of the water (90 degree).
4. After 5 or 10 minutes the tea is ready to be served.

According to Chinese Medical Tradition, based on the principle that food can be both nutritive and curing.






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