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Origin: China.

Grade: High Grade.

Type: Loose Herbs.

Production Date: In 2019.

Quality Guarantee Period: 18 months.


1. Commend using clear glass teapot or teacup to enjoy the beautiful tea.

2. Rinse teacup with hot water.

3. Use between one and two teaspoons of tea leaves (about 2 grams) per teacup of 75~85 degree water (167~185 Fahrenheit) for up to one minute.

4. Increase the steeping time and temperature for each subsequent brewing.

Rose tea is truly a lady’s tea. Not only it has attractive colors, but also its health benefits to ladies. From Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) on, it has been widely used drank by the ladies for its many health benefits, namely calming down the unstable mood, soothing the women period pain, improving incretion imbalance, quickening the blood circulation and others.

This rose bud tea enjoys high, charming rose flower fragrance and taste. After several times brewing, the rose fragrance still fills around the whole house. It is very sweet, no bitterness at all. After a long/exhausted exercise, or heavy work, drinking this rose tea can relax you and regain energy fast.

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Purple Clay

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